Mentor or dementor – When Harry potter world goes into academia

Posted: May 11, 2012 in In English/På engelska, PhD student, Science

Some days there is just flow… while reading another blog I got directed to this text written by a fellow science blogger: “Are you a Mentor? Or dementor?

The concept is known. And I’ve read many elaborate ways of describing the opposite of a mentor* but this word “dementor” just rang true when I read it. You know that feeling you get – “Ahaaa!” followed by the appearance of that bright light-bulb above your head?

I wish I could say I’m always a “mentor”… I’d be lying and deluding myself though if I did. None wants to be a dementor, but willingly or not I believe everybody will end up being in that position. The trick is to not do it too often. And to try to be a mentor, or at least neutral (neither mentor or dementor) and hope its good enough.

As an ending remark Zuska writes: “My patronus is unusual in that it is not an animal – it’s a silvery spew of puke landing on a shoe.  Let me know if you are ever in need.  I’ll be glad to let it loose.”

I love the mental picture that has left in me – and even though I’d like to steal her patronus, I’m happy mine isn’t an animal either.

Its a silvery pipette shooting sharp silvery tipps at high speed.


*Energy thief is one of the ways I’ve seen it described – note the similarity with the concept of a dementor.

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